Vision, Mission, Registration, Calendar and School Fees

To be a platform of preparation that will academically equip every child in using a spiritual basis so that their foundation after school will be grounded in Christ.

To provide academic excellence and produce students with Godly character.

Registering Your Child at Hoedspruit Christian School

Thank you for your interest in our wonderful school. You have made the right choice and we look forward to building a relationship with both you and your child.

In order to successfully enroll your child, please read the below.

STEP 1: Visit our Facebook page and get to know us!

STEP 2: Request and read through our “Purpose and Function”.

STEP 3: Book an assessment test with the secretary, Kelly Conradie.

-    Grade R and Grade 1: R150. These tests normally only take one hour.

-    Grade 2 – 12: R400. Depending on the Grade Level, these tests can take 2 to 3 full school days. You can drop your child off at 08:00 and pick him/her up again at 13:30.

STEP 4: Once your child has written the test, we will mark it and call you in        again for feedback.

STEP 5: Should your child be successful:

       -        Request Application Forms

       -        Sign the indemnities at the back of the “Purpose and Function”.

       -        Fill in and return the application form. Submit this together with the                       requested supporting documents.

       -        Deposit R1000 registration fee into the schools bank account and the                   first month’s school fees.

       -       Download the D6 School Communicator Application on either                           smartphone or desktop PC by visiting                                            

We look forward to building a long lasting and fruitful relationship with you and your child.


First Quarter: 10/01/2017 – 17/03/2017

Second Quarter: 04/04/2017 – 15/06/2017  

Third Quarter: 11/07/2017 – 15/09/2017

Fourth Quarter: 10/10/2017 – 01/12/2017

School Fees are monthly and are payable for 12 months
Annual increases in April


January 2017 – March 2017

April 2017 – December 2017

Grade RR

R 1 100.00

R 1 210.00

Grade R

R 1 710.00

R 1 881.00

Grade 1-3

R 2 370.00

R 2 607.00

Grade 4-8

R 2 324.00

R 2 533.00

Grade 9-12

R 2 629.00

R 2 865.00

School Fees include PACES. No extra textbooks are necessary. 
Grade RR to Grade 3 school fees includes the Moov-2-Move program.